Mary Beth Ray and Carrie Teresa are the people who created The Adolescentia Project’s digital music history archive. They met in graduate school and bonded over their shared love of music, media, and the city of Philadelphia.

Mary Beth is a lifelong riot grrrl and professor who teaches and writes about internet culture, gender, and music at Plymouth State University. Carrie is a lifelong mall goth and professor who teaches and writes about public memory, nostalgia, and heavy metal at Niagara University. They graduated from Temple University with their doctorates in Mass Media & Communication. You can find more about Mary Beth here and Carrie here.

They developed The Adolescentia Project’s digital oral history archive as a way to share and celebrate the ways in which music has given us the courage to become who we are. 

The Adolescentia Project is a love letter to their – and your – fourteen-year-old selves navigating the stress, uncertainty, and excitement of adolescence.

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